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Cheek Implant Surgery Tips and Information

Cheek implant surgery is a great way to help people who desire a more youthful appearance to the facial features. Many people find that their face is one of the first areas of the body to show age. There is frequently a loss of fullness in the central area of the face. There may be a hollow look around the eyes or a flattened look to the cheeks. Gravity and skin loosening due to age as well as weak or stretched ligaments that attach the bone and skin are major causes of these problems Chin Cheek Implants Seattle.

Cosmetic cheek surgery can be done using silicone implants. These are carefully chosen for their size and shape by your board certified plastic surgeon. The silicone is inserted surgically from the inside of the mouth so that there are no visible scars on the face connected with this surgery. The cheek tissue is lifted back up and the face has a healthier, younger look. If you are concerned about surgery, there are other options available using injectable fillers. These procedures are taking over popularity. However, some problems cannot be solved with fillers, and cheek implant surgery becomes the best choice.

The cheek implant surgery is relatively simple and short. The recovery time is about a week to heal and there may be some temporary bruising or swelling. This will dissipate within a few days and is quite normal. There is minimal risk of bleeding or infection, but you should consult your physician immediately if such problems occur. Full, rounder cheeks that give a youthful, healthy look are the exciting result of this cosmetic procedure.